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General podiatry

In Buenavista Foot Clinic, we treat effectively all foot pathologies. We are specialists in podiatry in general, such as sports, children's and geriatric podiatry.

Pediatric podiatry

Correcting minor problems when we are young will prevent major problems when we get older. We specialise in paediatric podiatry for all ages.


Inevitably, when treatments fail to eliminate the ailment, in many cases it is necessary to resort to surgery. Years of experience back us up in podiatric surgical practice.

Diabetic foot

A professional's assessment of the condition of the lower extremities for blood flow, monitoring, treatment of infections and care of possible leg and foot wounds is the key to treating diabetic feet.

Geriatric foot

The health of the feet is affected by the passing of the years, which is why we pay special attention to alleviate deformities and atrophies as far as possible, so that older people can lead an active life and have good mobility.

Sports podology

Chiropody and sports biomechanics service. Treatment of injuries, correction of the footprint for the correct practice of all sports. Specialisation in cycling and athletics.


D. Rafael Sepulveda Lucena, member number 709, graduated in podiatry in 2005 from the University of Extremadura. He has a Master’s degree in biomechanics and orthopodology and a Master’s degree in podiatric surgery, both from the University of Seville, as well as a recent Master’s degree in sports podiatry from the Catholic University of Valencia.¬†

D.ª Ana Isabel González Jiménez, member number 1344, graduated in podiatry from the University of Malaga 2010-2014. Additional training in foot reflexology, orthonyxia and cryopen.

Rafael Sepulveda Podologo
Anabel Gonzalez podologa
"At the Buenavista Foot Clinic, while I was asking for an anaesthetic spray with my eyes tightly closed, he told me he had already done it. It doesn't hurt at all and is fine for months. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Oh, and at a super cheap price!"
Victoria Harrison

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5 estrellas
“Excellent. Very happy with the ingrown toenail operation.”
5 estrellas
“I had pain in my knees when cycling, and thanks to the biomechanical study carried out at the clinic, all the discomfort is gone. Great, thank you very much.
 Pablo Sánchez
5 estrellas
“Excellent service! Delighted to become a customer.”
 Enrigue Betancourt

Buenavista clinic i in coín (málaga)

We are in Coín (Málaga) at the following address: 

Buenavista street, 9 29100 Coín Málaga

at clínica del pie buenavista, we take care of your health

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